When all you have is a body of jumbled information, and you really need a logical, easy to understand, no nonsense, document, that conveys the essential facts and information about you or your business, this is the person you would want to use.
He will extract or gather the essential information, and compile a document that clearly conveys the features and or benefits of the different components to the reader. And if the purpose of the published document is to motivate readers to acquire a product or service, referred to in the document, you can be assured that the call to action will form part of the document he compiles.
People have different skills, and composing text, for media publication, may not be part of your skill set. So contact us and use the available skills to get the information regarding your business, your skills and expertise or your products, into the public domain.
Your business needs to be visible to those who may need whatever it is that you have to offer. We provide innovative, cost effective, dynamic, solutions to help you grow your business.

Samantha Osman

Creative writing for the web - web content writersA part-time freelance writer with published articles in Marie-Claire, Fair Lady and Psychologies magazines. A book is currently ‘work in progress’; a humorous look at personal calamity; embracing change and giving adversity a proverbial kick up the backside.

Aiming to provide the following services; creative content writing of articles and web pages, research and information gathering, editing and proof-reading. Improving quality of overall content, leading to increased traffic and thereby profitability.

Previously a background in events management in the UK, followed by a ten year stint guiding horseback safaris and lodge management in the Waterberg region, Limpopo.

Rates are time and project dependant.