Line of Fire

A light easy read

Line of Fire Andy McNab

An action thriller that is mostly believable whilst being far from likely. Written by someone who has had personal Special Forces experience.

The Godless

I don’t believe that this is a particularly good book. Nor is it that well written. But I enjoyed reading it all the same.

Paul Doherty The Godless

Looks like it is part of a series and it gets a bit gory at times. But it is an easy light read. The writer is a good story teller. Set in fourteenth century London it is supposed to have some historical significance which may or may not be particularly accurate.

Ruin Beach

Ruin Beach by Kate Rhodes is your stock standard, run of the mill ‘who dunnit’ crime novel.

Ruin Beach Kate Rhodes

A story set in a small island community, to pass the time by.