Mark Allan

Just prior to leaving South Africa I obtained a default judgement against a self styled activist, Mike Hampton. He chose not to meet me in court as he knew it would be easier to get the sanction for defamation rescinded, after I had left.

He is a nasty piece of work who has pursued a personal vindictive vendetta against Knysna Tourism after they fired him, Local Government after they blacklisted him and the Provincial Government for ignoring him. He has half a dozen or more harassment orders against him. And every attorney who has ever tried to help him, eventually gives up.

It is an impossible brief.

This is a man in dire need of professional help. And in many more ways than one. Which is how I have become his cyberstalker.

Most of what he writes is nonsense. When it comes to me however, he is not wrong to describe me as being “angry”. But defamation? I don’t think so. False and untrue? Nope. Intended to damage his good reputation. Not so.

That is something he must take all the credit for.

Everything I have ever posted is fact. And if anyone is interested in those facts rather than fiction I can refer them to the previous CEO of the Knysna Chamber of Business for a reference.

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