The Escape

One of those, when there is nothing else to read books. Marginal at best.

David Baldacci The Escape

Typical action thriller that get churned out to feed market. OK if it is not taken too seriously.

Empire of the Moghul – Serpents Tooth

A work of fiction woven out of historical facts. The melodrama is overdone but it was interesting enough to keep going.

Empire of the Moghul Serpents Tooth Alex Rutherford

Covering perhaps one of the most interesting periods in the history of the Moghuls. A time when the seeds of conflict were sown, a conflict that has boiled over and which has split the continent between Hindu and Muslim.

Line of Fire

A light easy read

Line of Fire Andy McNab

An action thriller that is mostly believable whilst being far from likely. Written by someone who has had personal Special Forces experience.

No Bones

Another Dud.

No Bones Anna Burns

Note to self: Nominated for….Winner of…..Shortlisted for… no guarantee

Didn’t take long to decide that this book was not working for me

The Godless

Not a particularly good book. Nor is it that well written. But I enjoyed reading it all the same.

Paul Doherty The Godless

Looks like it is part of a series and it gets a bit gory at times. But it is an easy light read. The writer is a good story teller. Set in fourteenth century London it is supposed to have some historical significance which may or may not be particularly accurate.

The Mars Room

I enjoyed this book by Rachel Kushner. She has a contemporary style of writing that is both honest as well as engaging.

Rachel Kushner The Mars Room

The Mars Room is a strip Club and the story is an account of what it is like to be poor and a female and to be serving two life sentences in a correctional facility in America. Raw earthy and at times brutal. Worth reading, albeit in small chunks.

It is not one of those books you can’t put down.

Ruin Beach

Ruin Beach by Kate Rhodes is your stock standard, run of the mill ‘who dunnit’ crime novel.

Ruin Beach Kate Rhodes

A story set in a small island community, to pass the time by.

Sour Heart

Lost me very quickly. Tries far too hard to be that voice of the modern Chinese American teenager. Found it contrived, coarse and abrasive. Not the slightest bit stimulating. Simply irritating.

Sour Heart Jenny Zhang

“[Jenny Zhang’s] coming-of-age tales are coarse and funny, sweet and sour, told in language that’s rough-hewn yet pulsating with energy.”—USA Today

“One of the knockout fiction debuts of the year.”—New York

“Compelling writing about what it means to be a teenager . . . It’s brilliant, it’s dark, but it’s also humorous and filled with love.”—Isaac Fitzgerald, Today

Afraid I don’t get it.