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We the Survivors

Written by Tash Aw, We The Survivors is as good a read as any I have found.
We the Survivors Tash Aw
He has a comfortable, easy style and his narrative about nothing much, held my attention, despite everything it was not. If there was a theme it was grinding poverty and the futility of trying to change things that remain the same. Life inevitably returning to where it begins.

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A Shout in the Ruins

An excellent read. Well written, thought provoking, engaging.

A shout in the ruins - Kevin Powers

Alternates between two narrative threads – one set in Virginia in the US, during and after the American civil war, and the other in the 1950’s as one of the characters retraces the path to his roots. Capturing the themes of conflict, oppression and ultimately resignation and reconciliation.

I felt that the author rushed the ending which was maybe a little too abrupt.