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Mark Allan

Mike Hampton has a lot say. None of which is complimentary. Very active on the net.

And the reason for this post.

So much so that I was one of half a dozen people to have challenged him in court. A forum where he has lost every time. However it has little impact on him and the damage he does.

And if anyone is interested in more details, I can refer them to the past CEO of the Knysna Chamber of Business, who will corroborate almost everything I have ever said.

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When all you have is a body of jumbled information, and you really need a logical, easy to understand, no nonsense, document, that conveys the essential facts and information about you or your business, this is the person you would want to use.
He will extract or gather the essential information, and compile a document that clearly conveys the features and or benefits of the different components to the reader. And if the purpose of the published document is to motivate readers to acquire a product or service, referred to in the document, you can be assured that the call to action will form part of the document he compiles.
People have different skills, and composing text, for media publication, may not be part of your skill set. So contact us and use the available skills to get the information regarding your business, your skills and expertise or your products, into the public domain.
Your business needs to be visible to those who may need whatever it is that you have to offer. We provide innovative, cost effective, dynamic, solutions to help you grow your business.

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Samantha Osman

Creative writing for the web - web content writersA part-time freelance writer with published articles in Marie-Claire, Fair Lady and Psychologies magazines. A book is currently ‘work in progress’; a humorous look at personal calamity; embracing change and giving adversity a proverbial kick up the backside.

Aiming to provide the following services; creative content writing of articles and web pages, research and information gathering, editing and proof-reading. Improving quality of overall content, leading to increased traffic and thereby profitability.

Previously a background in events management in the UK, followed by a ten year stint guiding horseback safaris and lodge management in the Waterberg region, Limpopo.

Rates are time and project dependant.

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Michelle Faure

I have been writing my whole life. I started with my sister, writing down our Barbie sagas played out on the floor of our shared room. From there I moved up to a desk and, depending on what I was reading at the time, wrote in various styles.
The Brontes were such an inspiration that I wrote an entire three hundred page novel in minute script, with a fountain pen, in a series of tiny note books.

Writing has always been my passion, that by which I define myself. I became a great traveller and, along with a rugsack I carried a pile of journals with me always.
Whether being splashed by foamy waves on yacht decks, flying between continents, or hitch hiking down a tarred road, my journals have kept pace with me.

I have written many different styles, as needs have presented themselves.
? some journalism for the E P Herald
? an in house newspaper for AECI
? scripts for television and
? scripts for corporate clients (including Pick and Pay and Spur)
? copy for web sites
? a blog for the last two years (the Blah Blah Blog)
? a column in a local newspaper

That great unfinished novel keeps calling, and in between raising children, and endless moves from place to place, pages of words get scribbled down.

At the moment I write on a gold netbook with a butterfly cover. I sit on our wide white veranda, if the weather is fine, and there is only bird song anywhere near me.

I keep indoors mostly though, and its a battle to ‘show up at the page’. I distract myself with a floor that needs to be swept, or a cup of tea that must first be made.
The space around me must be silent, and preferably these days, absolutely only filled by me. Its a solitary thing. Lonely even.

Having a novel published is just about the only dream I have from childhood. The other precious details of my life, like having children, were things I, recklessly, assumed would happen, and they have.

Some years I hardly write, but like a true friend, when we meet again, the blank page and me, its like no time has passed at all.
So, if Destiny is a thing at all, then being a Wordsmith must be mine.

Words are food for me, of the most nourishing and sustainable kind. Delicious some are too of cause, and caustic, bitter, salty some, like tears.
Anyway, give me something to write, and I will.

Where it comes from , this writing down words, no one knows.
Its the strangest thing, but I feel all those sentences and paragraphs and characters, gathered around me like low lying clouds, just waiting to rain down words.

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Weaving the web for the Spiders.

Search engines use spiders to crawl the web looking for webs, that hold interesting and unique content. I can make beautiful and intricate webs for the spiders…..

I write because I enjoy it and particularly like taking complicated or mundane subjects and making them easily understood and somehow interesting. I have written for several years on the internet producing SEO articles. Length of copy varies from tiny tweets, comments on face book and small blogs of three hundred words to lengthy promotional articles of more than a thousand words.

Subjects range from international travel and hospitality, to finance, health, employment, property and so much more.

I write articles relating to original web content, and place them in ezine directories and link all of these together to create the spider pattern that the search engines love so passionately. This in turn raises the ranking of your website, bringing you traffic, making you money

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The Watercycler

creative witers, web content writers. copywriters

Watercycler is my alter ego I suppose.

He is an adventurous bike riding river swimming rock climbing (but only under protest when trying to keep up with even more adventurous friends) guy who had the misfortune to have been raised by book burrowing English teachers. So he’s not really an alter ego at all, he’s me. Nice name, I like it, think I’ll keep it.

Watercycler will write copy of any description. From hyperbole filled flare to critical pieces and more explanatory brochures.

Need a few thousand words on topics as diverse as agriculture, conservation, fine dining, art, philosophy, physiology, or how tea tastes and why you should put thyme on your eggs?

Watercycler can help you.

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Shirley Anne Rautenbach

My past history includes many years in corporate first as PA, then Project Administrator and the Project Manager. I was retrenched about 6 years ago and decided to relocate to Durban from JHB – not finding anything to equal my salary or work experience I decided to take a year off and during this time found work as a freelance writer. I have been for the past (about 4 years) writing articles for websites around the world. I currently work for about 3 different ‘handlers’. I am proficient in web research, adhering to deadlines as well as adhering to SEO principles.

I write articles on almost any subject and charge per length of the article (and urgency).

+27 (0)74 116 0668

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CXPRESS is a free fortnightly community newspaper offering both block advertising as well as classifed adverts in the Garden Route. Fifteen thousand copies are distributed free from the Tsitsikamma to George every second Wednesday. Brimful of news and views on a range of subjects pertinent to visitors and Garden Route locals alike, the paper strives to inform and entertain, with particular attention given to user-friendly, eye-pleasing presentation. Having published its first edition on 1 June 1998, this Plettenberg Bay-based newspaper has built up a large readership during the past 12 years, as well as a long list of loyal advertisers from every corner of the ever-burgeoning Garden Route and beyond. Each fortnightly edition is posted on by the Thursday after publication of the hard copy – both versions of CXPRESS offer excellent print media advertising and marketing opportunities . Phone the office on 044 533 1004 or visit the CXpress web site for more information.