34 Tapas & Oysters

Tried sushi and absolutely hated it?

Don’t feel dull and all unsophisticated. I hate sushi as well.

Okay then, you may say, that’s all fine and well, but what on earth then are you doing at Tapas & Oysters stuffing your face with sushi? That’s because I discovered an item on the sushi menu that not only blew my mind with taste and flavour, but it also doesn’t taste like sushi at all! And considering Wednesdays are half price sushi days at Tapas, this is phenomenal! The crispy California Roll is a California Roll with a crispy batter on the outside and is topped with mayo and sweet chilli sauce. You don’t need to eat it with wasabi, ginger, soya sauce or any of those “gross” stuff sushi is associated with, as it packs more than enough taste, flavour and deliciousness to keep a sushi hating diner coming back for more!

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