DOTshop will enhance your personal profile or business image with quality copyrighting. We are the perfect partner for the entrepreneur, business owner and job seeker.

Sometimes one is too close to what they are attempting to portray in the best light. Subjectivity can be detrimental to the end result. We seek to deliver the right balance between intellect and passion, presenting the facts with poignant emphasis.

Our services include:

Business profile

Press release


Ad script for print or online media

Website content

Curriculum Vitae

Online research

Email interviews

The initial idea should come from you but you’re welcome to ask for our suggestions within a broader framework. Write down the key points. Provide us with relevant information that you possess e.g. the nature of your business, its history and goals, your products, specials etc. Then discussion with us will determine the best value for your money.

The right words have power…and every good business deserves to be empowered!

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