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I’m in love with the power of words. As a child I’d take my magical sword to the enemy, my heart to the maiden and my hungry mind to a thousand worlds on offer. Words taught and entertained. Matric found me winning the English prize but despite having thought I’d be the adventuring journalist uncovering insidious plots by evil politicians, my journey of discovery was only beginning.

Where I’m now finds me as a freelance, music agent whose words often market bands and events, writing biographies, press releases and web content. I own several websites and it’s there where i write creatively for myself (blog, poetry) and the music industry (CD reviews, band interviews etc.).

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A Red Notice

Need to rethink this 30/04/2020

Something went wrong with this one. So much so one can’t help questioning whether it is the same author.

Andy McNab Red Notice

I would question whether Red Notice by Andy McNab was in fact written by Andy McNab. It is a new series which lacks the authenticity of the earlier books I have read. He mangles the dialogue horribly when trying to introduce the complexities of an emotional relationship. It has a clumsy story line and I suspect these books are being churned out as quickly as possible to capitalise on the writers previous success.

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It was going to be long flight there and back.

Chris Ryan Hellfire

So I stocked up with what I could find from Andy McNab and Chris Ryan. Books I can skim through. However I do worry that I should be looking for stuff that has a bit more substance to it. Chris Ryans work is readable although the tales are very much do and die.

Helps to pass the time.