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Weaving the web for the Spiders.

Search engines use spiders to crawl the web looking for webs, that hold interesting and unique content. I can make beautiful and intricate webs for the spiders…..

I write because I enjoy it and particularly like taking complicated or mundane subjects and making them easily understood and somehow interesting. I have written for several years on the internet producing SEO articles. Length of copy varies from tiny tweets, comments on face book and small blogs of three hundred words to lengthy promotional articles of more than a thousand words.

Subjects range from international travel and hospitality, to finance, health, employment, property and so much more.

I write articles relating to original web content, and place them in ezine directories and link all of these together to create the spider pattern that the search engines love so passionately. This in turn raises the ranking of your website, bringing you traffic, making you money

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